Will Reid (Ex)

UK // Edinburg



Club 80s is committed to Hi-Nrg, Italo Disco and Eurobeat. It is an Internet Radio Show, hosted by Will Reid, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is now into its 7th year of broadcasting, first opening in June 2010, exclusively on 1Radio.org. Due to the closure of this Internet station on 31 December 2013, Club 80s has had to find a new home. Radio Crash !

The music played is a serious nod to the fabby genres mentioned above. With great music, lively fun and interactive chat, Club 80s has developed a regular following over the last 3+ years. Join Will as he plays out some fabulous 80s UK and US Hi-Nrg, Italo Disco, Eurobeat and of course some of the stunning New Generation Italo Disco and ‘Nrg being presented to us now.

Be great if you joined us and listened in!

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